About Us

Lani Hawaiian CBD is Hawaii’s CBD Oil

“Lani” in Hawaiian language means “heaven, spiritual food, from heaven to earth” a special word, with a very special meaning to the Hawaiian people.
Lani Hawaiian CBD is an oil sent from heaven”, that imparts all of the great natural environmental qualities that Hawai’i has to offer…the fertile soil, the cool, fragrant climate and our native spirituality of Aloha.

Born and Raised in the Island of Kauai

Lani Hawaiian CBD oil is the first certified organically farmed and processed Zero THC hemp derived product in the State of Hawaii. The USDA Certified Organic Hemp Farm and the State-of-the-Art extraction laboratory is ideally situated on the beautiful and enchanting Island of Kauai. There the organic hemp plants are grown in fertile volcanic soils, nourished with Hawaiian sunshine and the rains from our cool-gentle Hawaiian trade winds.

With these qualities, Lani Hawaiian CBD was created with the vision of brining a high-quality CBD product that is a safe alternative to prescription painkillers, and other toxic drugs. As we all strive to lessen the stresses around us, that cause us both physical and psychological disorders, we have found Lani Hawaiian CBD to be a natural way to a healthier and happier Hawaiian life-style.
I have been taking the 500mg dosage every morning with my coffee, and my energy levels have been much more balanced. I feel alert and mentally clear, with none of the jittery side effects. I also feel that my energy is more sustained throughout the day. Give Lani Hawaiian CBD a try, you won’t regret it!
Dwayne C., Honolulu, HI

First certified organically farmed and processed Zero THC hemp derived product in the State of Hawaii

Our THC-FREE Promise


Lani Hawaiian CBD has been developed by researchers located in a Hawaiian Institute, working together as Ohana in the manufacturing of our organic hemp oil. No genetically modified components are used anywhere in our process. Our oils are NOT isolate-infused, but high-quality broad-spectrum oils, rich in hemp nutrition and flavor.


Lani Hawaiian CBD oil is produced from hemp stems and seeds, legal raw materials. Our quality inspection and component analysis, performed on each production lot, confirms that THC is not contained in our products. These analysis results are displayed on each and everyone of our products.